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AnnJi Pharmaceutical Announced Its First-in-Patient Clinical Study of AJ201 for Treatment of SBMA at Kennedy’s Disease Association Annual Conference

Dr. Yiumo Michael Chan, VP of Research and Translational Medicine from AnnJi Pharmaceuticals (AnnJi) was invited to speak at 2022 Kennedy’s Disease Association Conference (November 9-11, 2022) held in San Diego, California to introduce the first-in-patient study of AJ201 for the treatment of Kennedy’s Disease, or SBMA. Dr. Chan’s presentation was eagerly anticipated and well received by the patients, caregivers, researchers, and medical experts globally. Many SBMA patients at the conference, on site and online, expressed their interest to join the clinical study enthusiastically.

This first-in-patients study is aimed to evaluate the safety and clinical response of AJ201 in patients suffering Kennedy’s disease.  The study will take place in six clinical sites across the United States and patient recruitment is expected to begin in late December 2022. Further details about this study can be found at (Identifier: NCT05517603).

Kennedy’s disease is a rare, inherited, neuro-muscular disease that primarily affects men. The illness causes muscle weakness and muscle wasting throughout the body, which often lead to difficulties in patients’ speech, swallowing, and mobility. As the disease progresses, patients and their family often become financially distressed, and endure significant setback in the quality of life. Currently, there is no effective treatment for Kennedy’s disease.

AnnJi has been collaborating closely with Kennedy’s Disease Association (KDA) and researchers to advance disease insight and to develop innovative treatments for the disease. AJ201 is a pleiotropic small molecule under development by AnnJi for the treatment of Kennedy’s disease, and the first one to enter phase 2 in many years.

AJ201 has been granted Orphan Drug Designations (ODD) by the U.S. FDA for the indications of Kennedy’s disease, Huntington’s disease, and Spinocerebellar ataxia (SCA).  AnnJi is strived to accelerate the development of AJ201 and actively seeking international partners for the development and commercialization of AJ201.

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