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AnnJi Scientist Won The Best Oral Presentation in The “2022 Interdisciplinary Neuroscience Congress”

2022 Interdisciplinary Neuroscience Congress organized by Taiwan Neuroscience Alliance (TNA) was held in Linkou Chang Gung Medical Foundation, Taiwan, from September 2 to 4. TNA is gathered 16 neuroscience-related societies, ranging from basic to clinical neuroscience, from computational to cognitive neuroscience, and from technology to therapeutic advances. Its Award Committee awarded the AnnJi representative Dr. Tsung-Pin (Andrew) Pai “The Best Oral Presentation of the Congress” titled “JM17 for Treatment of Spinal-bulbar Muscular Atrophy and Neurodegenerative Disorders”.

JM17, an Nrf2 activator and the active ingredient of AJ201, is a first-in-class pleiotropic small molecule under development by AnnJi for the treatment of Kennedy’s disease, a rare neurological disorder.  Patient enrollment of a Phase 2a trial for AJ201 will be initiated in the US by the end of 2022.

Pharmacological activities of JM17, including anti-oxidation, anti-inflammation, as well as protein quality control were reported. JM17 showed great potential for treatment of neurological disorders associated with oxidative stress and inflammation, especially with polyQ diseases such as SBMA.

JM17 for Treatment of Spinal-bulbar Muscular Atrophy and Neurodegenerative Disorders

Dr. Tsung-Pin (Andrew) Pai, AnnJi's senior scientist of Research & Translational Medicine, gave a lecture at “2022 Interdisciplinary Neuroscience Congress” about JM17 for treatment of spinal-bulbar muscular atrophy and neurodegenerative disorders.

AnnJi scientist won “The Best Oral Presentation” in the “2022 Interdisciplinary Neuroscience Congress”

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