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AnnJi’s Pleiotropic Compounds Featured in the International Journal of Dermatology and Clinical Research (IJDCR)

AnnJi’s scientists published an Opinion in the International Journal of Dermatology and Clinical Research (IJDCR), in which AnnJi presented evidences that J9 and JM17 (the APIs of AJ101 and AJ201, respectively) enhance the degradation of androgen receptors and activate the antioxidant responses.

AJ101 is a topical cream formulation being developed for the treatment of acne vulgaris. Results from our global Phase 1 and 2 studies in patients with moderate-to-severe acne demonstrated that AJ101 was well-tolerated while significantly reduced the inflammatory acne lesion counts and clinical severity. The Phase 1 clinical study of oral AJ201 demonstrated a favorable safety profile and strongly supports the upcoming Phase 2 clinical study, which will initiate the first subject enrollment by the end of 2022.

The pleiotropic activities of J9 and JM17 in reducing oxidative stress and inflammation offers attractive and novel therapeutic approaches in treating a variety of skin conditions, including androgen-associated skin diseases, inflammatory skin diseases, wound healing, and even aging.

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