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Dr. Wendy Huang, AnnJi’s Chair and CEO, gave a lecture at Taiwania Young Entrepreneurs Academy About New Opportunities for Small Molecule Drug Development

On 14th, May 2022, Taiwania Capital and Development Center for Biotechnology (DCB) invited Dr. Wendy Huang, Chair and CEO of AnnJi Pharmaceutical (AnnJi), to give a lecture on “New Opportunities for Small Molecule Drug Development”.

Dr. Wendy Huang gave an overview about the recent AI technologies in aiding new drug design, the novel drug delivery platforms, and life cycle management of small molecule new drugs. With so many high unmet medical needs, particularly in the treatment of chronic diseases, yet to be fulfilled, Dr. Huang shared her vision about the untapped potential in the small molecule drug development space.

For the full report, please refer to Global Bio & Investment.

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