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AnnJi Pharmaceutical Sponsors “The Great Road Trip”, a Charitable Fundraising Event on Behalf of Kennedy’s Disease Patients

AnnJi Pharmaceutical (AnnJi) donated to the charitable fundraising activity, “The Great Road Trip”, organized by Kennedy’s Disease-UK (KD-UK) and the Kennedy’s Disease Association (KDA) in the US, to raise awareness of Kennedy’s Disease and to bring funds for research programs.

This charity fundraiser was initiated by two former British Royal Navy pilots, both patients of Kennedy’s disease, and the ambitious road trip, in a 29 horsepower 35-year-old Citroen 2CV in 2022, from Los Angeles to Rome from April to July 2022; routing via Washington, New York, London, and Paris. In this inter-continental road trip that spans more than 10,000 kilometers, many Kennedy’s Disease patients will be driving the Citroen 2CV and a trans-alpine cycling event will run alongside the road trip between Chamonix and Nice. Donations raised by the event will be used to fund research related to Kennedy’s disease.

Kennedy’s Disease is a rare, inherited, neuro-muscular disease that primarily affects men. The illness causes muscle weakness and wasting throughout the body, often leading to difficulties with speech, swallowing, and mobility, as it progresses. Currently, there is no effective treatment for Kennedy’s disease.

AJ201 is a first-in-class small molecule being developed by AnnJi for the treatment of Kennedy’s disease.  AnnJi is working closely with researchers, experts, and clinicians of Kennedy’s disease worldwide in preparation to initiate a first-in-patient Phase 2 clinical study by the end of 2022.  AnnJi looks forward to bringing a safe and effective treatment to Kennedy’s disease patients.


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