Wendy Huang, PhD


Dr. Huang built a forty years pharmaceutical career across multiple therapeutic areas, medical devices and cosmetic products.
She has a strong track record in global product development and organizational development; lead and contributed to more than 10 market authorizations of new drug products and medical devices.  

She has held R&D Leadership and executive positions in multinational companies; including GSK, Stiefel Labs, Connetics Corp., Dermik Laboratories, and Sanofi-Aventis. Most recently she served as President and CEO and took Lumosa Therapeutics IPO in Taiwan.

June Chen, MS MBA

Finance and Operations

Ms. Chen has more than 25 years of tenure in the financial industry. She held several senior management positions; including Director of Finance in Coretronic, Senior Manager in Grand Cathay (Dahua) Securities Corp, Deputy General Manager in and Yuanta/Polaris Securities and Taipei Fubon Securities. She was the founder and CEO of Dow Jones Investment Company.
Ms. Chen has a wealth of experience in wealth management, investment banking, IPO securities underwriting, as well as corporate investment and financing. Her broad business experience, along with her savvy in capital markets, enable her to form financial strategies, execute business plan and create corporate value. Ms. Chen held dual master’s degrees: an MS in Agricultural Economics from National Taiwan University and an EMBA from Tsinghua University in Beijing.

Karen Lin, PhD

Business Development, Intellectual Property and Legal Affairs

Dr. Lin has hands-on experience in various areas of the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry throughout the lifecycle of product development. She researched in the biomedical sciences in institutes including the Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine Center (STaR) of Baylor College of Medicine (USA), Academia Sinica, and National Taiwan University with a extensive track record of publications and awards.  
Dr. Lin is a certified US Patent Agent. She also had served as a pharmaceutical value and access manager in Amgen Taiwan, as the preclinical lead in Senhwa BioSciences, the IP and legal manager in BRIM Biotechnology, and an associate in Lee & Li Attorneys-at-Law. Dr. Lin has completed her law education in the School of Professional Education & Continuing Studies at National Taiwan University, held a BS degree in Agricultural Chemistry from National Taiwan University, and received a Ph.D. in Pathology and Immunology from Baylor College of Medicine in the United States.

Anne Yu, MS

Project Management and Regulatory Strategy

Ms. Yu heads up the Project Management and Regulation Affairs.  She has worked in organizations across a broad spectrum of biopharmaceutical related industry; including Taiwan Drug Relief Foundation, China Medical University Hospital (as clinical pharmacist), Taiwan Supra Integration & Incubation Center (SI2C), and TWI Biotechnology.  
Ms. Yu is proficient in early evaluation and managing drug development project, CMO/CRO outsourcing, government grants, as well as devising regulatory strategies to facilitate and expedite clinical trials and market authorization of new drug products.   
Ms. Yu is a graduate of National Taiwan University with a BS in Pharmacy and MS in Clinical Pharmacology.

Sophia Wang, Ph.D.

Preclinical Research and Development

Dr. Wang has more than 15 years of drug development experience in small molecules, antibodies and glycan technology. She specializes in immunotherapy, infectious diseases, and cancer and regenerative medicines. She has held research leadership positions in CHO Pharma, and TaiGen Biotechnology.  Dr. Wang conducted postdoctoral research at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center in Canada, and with Institute of Cellular and Organismic Biology in Academia Sinica, received her BS in Physics and PhD in Life Sciences from the National Tsing Hua University.

Nick Li, Ph.D.

Pharmaceutical Development

Dr. Li is specialized in the design and development of oral, topical and parenteral dosage forms for pharmaceutical and biotechnology products; building on his tenure with Lumosa Therapeutics, TTY Pharmaceuticals, and Standard Chem & Pharm Co. He has hands-on experience in analytical method development, formulation development and CDMO management. Dr. Li received a PhD in Pharmaceutics from the National Cheng Kung University.

Shinyu Lai, Ph.D.

Chemical Development

Dr. Lai has extensive experience in synthetic chemistry and computer-aided drug design. He has designed and synthesized hundreds of target-specific, druggable compounds; including antiviral quasi-drugs, multi-target compounds for Alzheimer’s disease, anti-autoimmune small molecules and compounds for the treatment of male erectile dysfunction.  Dr. Lai worked as a senior researcher at the National Taiwan University Innovative Drug Research Center prior to join Annji.  Dr. Lai holds a BS in Pharmacy from Taipei Medical University, and a PhD from the Pharmacy School of National Taiwan University.


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